Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dental Office In Marietta, GA Introduces New Teeth Whitening System

Marietta, GA dentist, Kirk Kimmerling DDS  now offers an additional teeth whitening system at his Marietta dental office.  Opalescence Oh, is now available in addition to Colgate's  Supreme Professional Whitening and the Visible White Professional Whitening.   Oh!! from Opalescence is an easy system for patients wanting a brilliant white smile.  "Whiter teeth can drastically increases the beauty of a smile, so offering my patients more than one way to beautify their smile is a plus," says Kirk Kimmerling DDS.  Opalescence whitens teeth with potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF) that strengthens enamel while minimizing sensitivity and lessening the risk of decay.

Opalescence is a chemical process. It contains peroxide that breaks down molecules causing discoloration as it whitens the internal tooth color, enamel and dentin.  Since, tooth sensitivity can be common for many people whitening teeth, the formulation of Oh! contains a special ingredient, Potassium Nitrate and fluoride which desensitizes.

Opalescence is an award-winning gel that is viscous, causing better adherence to teeth.  Results usually can be seen with just one at home treatment, although one week works better. The gel is offered in mint and melon flavors for patients to choose, and the capsules are prefilled for the precise amount of gel necessary helping to eliminate guesswork.

Opalescence Oh! is delivered to teeth via trays  custom-made for each patient.  The tray is created after an impression is taken of the upper and lower arch of the mouth.  The trays hold gel against the teeth after placed into the mouth.  Wear time varies, so a plan is specifically designed for every patient.  The bleach in the Opalescence Oh! will remove most discolored strains on teeth without damaging teeth.  Stains can return, so periodically whitening is available.  A touch-up kit may be purchased using the same trays, also in predetermined capsules to eliminate waste of product.

The Opalescence Oh!  can only be purchased through a dentist, as your treatment will be supervised from the initial impression to treatment completion.

Many studies have rendered the importance of Opalescence Oh! whitening system using potassium nitrate and fluoride as a well-documented and safe bleaching system that helps eliminate sensitivity.  Studies reveal how the product whitens and the effects of the bleach on the bond strength of the teeth.

Although foods, dietary habits and medication cause stain, Opalescence Oh! combats the problem most times with excellent results.  It is important to establish good oral hygiene practices in conjunction with whitening.  Brushing twice a day, along with flossing will keep a smile not only whiter but healthier.  Using Opalescence whitening toothpaste with the whitening gel together helps achieve the best result.

It is the great pleasure of  the Marietta dentist to offer Opalescence Oh! whitening system to his patients.  It's an easy, safe and effective way to whiten teeth with the ease of preloaded capsules.  "A healthy and beautiful smile generates the confidence I want for my patients," says Marietta cosmetic dentist.  It is a prescription-strength whitening system that is an effective way to brighten a smile while accommodating  lifestyles and budgets.  Opalescence Oh! is safe, quick and effective.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Community Contributor, Kirk Kimmerling DDS Repeats Goodwill

Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, Marietta, GA dentist plays a big role in the community offering goodwill.  He is working hand-in-hand with Judge Juanita Stedman's Family Dependency Treatment Court rehabilitating smiles.  One of the recipients is Tosha Phillips, a Douglas County resident and referral from Judge Stedman.  She is appreciative of Dr. Kimmerling's efforts and is excited to have an improved smile. Since a healthy smile helps the women re-enter the workforce and community, he has agreed to rejuvenate two more smiles.   " When I hear that a person has overcome terrible odds and turned their life around, I want to keep the positive momentum  moving in the right direction with a smile they can be proud of," says Dr. Kimmerling, a Marietta dentist.

Dr. Kimmerling has completed Tosha Phillips smile, and is currently working on the others.  Born and raised in Georgia, Phillips has finished the treatment program and vows to continue living her changed life.  "This has just done wonders for my self-esteem,"says Phillips.

Dr Kimmerling trusts Judge Stedman to chose those that she feels are a success story and likely to succeed.  "It's obvious that she has experience with drug dependency and has good understanding who I should treat," says Dr. Kimmerling.  The partnership seems to be working out well for both Judge Stedman and the dental office.

Dr. Kimmerling was introduced to Judge Stedman through Jim Ruether and George Tingley, both patients of Dr. Kimmerling.  They are members of Reconnecting Families, a Cobb County agency designed to help people reconnect to society after a drug addiction.

Judge Stedman and Dr. Kimmerling have partnered to help people who have completed the treatment program and are well on their way to becoming productive citizens.  It is difficult to get a job if your smile is unattractive, and Dr. Kimmerling wants to give people the confidence to converse freely and smile.  The women chosen are very grateful to Judge Stedman and Dr. Kimmerling for caring and giving them the opportunity to turn their lives around.  "They key is to show people that someone cares, when they move their life in the right direction," says Dr. Kimmerling.

Dr. Kimmerling has great compassion for the well-being of others.   He is known to be a big part of the community and insists on doing so.  He also provides Calvary Children's Home dental services at no charge.  "Many of these children have had a difficult start to life, and I want them to have healthy smiles. It's my gift to them," says  Dr. Kimmerling.  He has taken care of these children for many years and plans to continue.  "Dr. Kimmerling is a wonderful person. He takes care of a multitude of children without hesitation.  Many years ago they asked Dr. Kimmerling how many children he could take, and without hesitation, he said all of them.  It profoundly revealed his heart," says Katherine Worsham, Accounts Receivable Manager at the dental office.

Dr. Kimmerling is known not only for his compassion in dentistry, but believes in new starts.  This compassionate dentist in Marietta, GA has changed many lives in his community and plans to always do so.   The world would be a much brighter place if more people had the compassion of Dr. Kimmerling.   He has a big heart.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reshaping Teeth Or Gums May Give You A Better Smile

Healthy, well-contoured teeth and gums can make a significant difference in a smile says Marietta dentist. "It's always a treat to makeover a person's smile by contouring their teeth or gums, and see them elated with the way they look. It's a rewarding and enjoyable part of dentistry," says cosmetic Marietta dentist. A person's gum tissue frames the top of their tooth and should be within certain dimensions and parameters for a more attractive smile.  Many times, the shape of the tissue can be altered to expose the appropriate amount of enamel.  Teeth can also be re-shaped by contouring.  Dental contouring changes the length, edges and position of teeth making a smile more appealing.  Candidates for contouring must have healthy teeth and gums before these cosmetic procedures are considered.

Reshaping can often correct chipped, cracked or misalignment teeth due to bruxism (tooth grinding) and heredity. If the damage is minor,  the teeth can be smoothed to eliminate the appearance of rough and uneven teeth.  It is possible to re-damage teeth if continual grinding and clenching continue.  An appliance may then be considered to protect teeth from continual damage.  An impression is necessary for a perfect fit.  Contouring without anesthesia is performed unless the re-shaping is major.  In this case, a dentist may take an x-ray to determine the location of the pulp of the tooth. Otherwise only small quantities of tooth will be removed for a more perfect shape.

Well-contoured gums compliment well-contoured teeth.  People can be born with unsymmetrical gum tissue that can be trimmed for a better appearance. Gingival margins, the area where the teeth and gums meet should be a certain height. Gum tissue on certain teeth should be higher than others.  The front two teeth and canines should be the same, and the lateral incisors should be lower.  People with a gummy smile, have the appearance of small "chicklet" teeth because of lengthy gum tissue.  Many times it can be trimmed exposing more tooth creating a more balanced and attractive smile. Although, not all gum issues can be resolved with contouring, much can.

Removed gum tissue can sometimes grow back says Marietta dentist.  In this case, it may be possible to remove bone to keep the tissue from re-growing.  Although more invasive with a lengthier recovery, it can yield a beautiful result.  A "gumlift"  is  a cosmetic surgery that can be done by a dentist. Since cosmetic surgery and a youthful appearance the craze of today, this may be an inexpensive procedure to consider.

Healthy well-contoured gums and teeth can make a smile more beautiful.  Teeth and gum contouring can be a relatively simple procedure that makes a tremendous difference in a person's smile with relative ease.  It can be an inexpensive alternative to consider.  A smile is important to the way people feel about themselves and the way others perceive you. Teeth and gum contouring is a dental procedure that can make a significant difference in a smile with relative ease, say Marietta, GA cosmetic dentist.


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