Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slow The Aging Process Says Marietta Dentist

A healthy smile can slow the aging process if you take care of your gum tissue says Marietta dentist.  Taking care of your mouth is not only important to the overall health, but also to how the world perceives you. When a smile looks good and is healthy, you look good and your body is healthier.  Bacteria floating in the blood stream from unhealthy gum tissue destroys the health of your mouth and wreaks havoc throughout your body. Evidence supports it heightens an inflammatory response of the body and speeds up aging.  If you want a healthier body and a higher confidence level, make sure your smile is in good condition.

Seeing the dentist regularly could save your life, as your dentist may identify other health issues you may be developing during oral examinations.   An unkept mouth can be an indication other issues are being ignored as well.  Your dentist can monitor your mouth and alert you early of certain problems.  A healthy mouth can mirror a healthy body, so keeping your mouth healthy can help prevent certain diseases from developing.  Gum disease can lead to strokes, heart disease, increased tumor formation and cause problems with major organs such as the kidneys and heart.

Teeth that are not straight are more difficult to clean and can lead to periodontal gum disease because they are not aligned properly.  They more readily trap gum disease plaque that contain bacteria.  Some people spend an extreme amount of money on fashion, plastic surgery, Botox and other items to make themselves look more attractive while putting their mouth low on the list.  Although these are ok, they are never ok behind the health of your mouth.  People can have a beautiful front smile, and still have gum issues in the back teeth.  If not treated, it can spread to the front.

It's important to take care of your teeth, as they can last a lifetime.  If your mouth needs the care of a dentist, put it at the top of your priority list. Do not be discouraged or embarrassed, as everyone starts somewhere.  If extensive work is necessary and finances are your concern, many dentists participate with financing companies making treatment possible.  A three-year dental plan to get your mouth in good condition is better than ignoring the issue totally.  Everyone knows someone with extensive work.

Your smile is an important focal point that others use to judge you.  It is a big part of interaction and a first impressions.  A healthy smiles allows you to have better communication, better confidence and a healthier life. It is an indication of happiness and general well-being. Dedication and commitment are a necessary. Home brushing, flossing, regular dental hygiene visits, a healthy diet and proper nutrition are each important pieces to your health. Gum disease can be exacerbated by the deficiency of vitamin A.  A lack of vitamin B Complex can produce lesions in the mouth, an entry point for bacteria to enter the blood stream.  Other vitamins strengthen the overall health of the mouth, so a well-balanced diet is crucial says dentist in Marietta.

Looking and feeling good requires knowledge and  dedication says a Marietta dentist.  Take care of your smile, so you look and feel better.


Kirk Kimmerling DDS is a cosmetic dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA) at Verde Pointe Dental Associates. Dr. Kimmerling is extremely passionate about helping every patient reach their optimum dental health. Having practiced as a dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA) for over 26 years, Dr. Kimmerling strives to provide the very best treatment in a secure, relaxing environment.  He and the courteous staff at his state-of-the-art office are dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful smiles and maintaining a lifetime of excellent dental health.  While Kirk Kimmerling DDS  specializes in cosmetic dentistry, he runs a full-service practice that provides everything from routine teeth cleanings and teeth whitening to dental veneers, implants, root canals, tooth colored fillings, periodontal, toothaches, extractions and more.

For the top cosmetic dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA), please call Kirk Kimmerling DDS at Verde Pointe Dental Associates, or visit the website for more information.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Additional Online Scheduling Choices Now Available For Marietta Cosmetic Dentists

Outstanding cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA., Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa have added additional online scheduling choices. Patients can now request appointments through the internet from a host of sites.   They have been added to give internet savvy patients an opportunity to schedule with ease.  It is now possible to request an appointment through their website, Facebook and Demandforce.  All three choices make it easy to communicate with the office during or after hours.  It is possible to request any type of appointment through all three.  A Demandforce page designed with practice information and an Easy Scheduler is now available.  Facebook and Verde Pointe's website also offers the capability.  "It is our goal to make it as simple as possible for our patients to schedule an appointment with our office by whatever means is easiest for them," says the cosmetic dentists Marietta GA.   "Some patients would rather not use the phone, and it is these people we wish to accommodate."

"Our website, Facebook and Demandforce help us keep up in tune with our patient's needs and see first-hand the comments and concerns they have about our office," says Dr. Kimmerling.   They are very excited about the sites and technology. Their patients have begun using the technology to schedule in force recently.  Verde Pointe Dental Associates have a large patient base and a strong following, and patients of all ages give them the thumbs up on the technology.  It is convenient to set an appointment without using the phone and unnecessarily having to liaise with the staff.

Verde Pointe's website is currently designed, hosted and  created by Officite, a web firm with internet solutions that is pro-patient.  In addition to designing a premier website, the firm also added a blog to help keep patients informed on all that's new with Verde Pointe dental.  The blog is updated at least once a week with good information concerning oral health and the dental practice.  The blog automatically updates Facebook and Twitter with the interesting and fun articles.  Patients say they are amazed at how interesting dental information can be.

The website and Facebook have a coupon online that new patients can use towards services.  "It really helps pay the deductible and out-of-pocket towards any services needed," says Katherine Worsham, Insurance Administrator at Verde Pointe Dental.

Ease of scheduling a dental appointment in Marietta, GA is an important criteria for patients because of todays time challenges and hectic life schedules.  Many patients are commenting in the office that they prefer to schedule online.

Dr. Kimmerling and Dr. Krempa are well-known cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA.  They not only provide excellent quality dental care, but also have staff of the same caliber. Drs. Kimmerling and Krempa are committed to providing quality gentle care to their patients in a modern office.  It is a full-service practice providing a wide array of procedures from cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, teeth whitening, crowns, dental implants, veneers, root canal therapy, emergency services and other assorted cosmetic procedures.  The award-winning doctors make scheduling much easier for the internet savvy.  Their ability to offer new and innovative ways to schedule is all the better for the patient.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blueprint On Designing A Dental Office

All dental offices are not alike, because they are not designed with enough forethought.  Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa have an extraordinary dental office in Marietta, GA, and share insight and advice about designing a dental facility.  At the Verde Pointe Dental Office, innovations and attention to detail have made day-to-day operations more efficient and therefore easier.  Their mission is simple;  Dental offices need to be equipped with the latest technology and it is important to train the entire staff. Every dental assistant at Verde Pointe is required to be certified in expanded duties recognized by the Georgia Board of Dentistry.   The front staff regularly attends seminars to assist patients easily in billing, scheduling and insurance needs. Each patient has the consummate experience from the moment they enter the front door until they leave.  The modern high/tech decor is a further reflection of the goal of providing the latest in high-tech.  Each part of the office, the technology, the equipment and the decor, complements each other part of the space.

Every office needs an extensive computer system integrated throughout the office.  Information (patient charts, radiographs, referral letters, patient schedules, etc.) is accessible from every computer in the office.  This helps to accommodate a patient at any location, allowing for less chair time for every patient. Each operatory  has dual monitors, one for the staff to post, and the other allowing patients to view their x-rays, view patient education and to see the inside of their mouth with an intra-oral camera.  Each operatory has a compact mouse/keyboard combination, that fits conveniently on the Adec tub tray, creating an innovation in using Adec’s equipment.  The Cadent iTero Digital Impression System provides a highly accurate digital impression for crowns and bridges. The digital impression is more hygienic than traditional impression making, reduces time and the cost of mailing, and ensures the lab receives the case. iTero saves time by verifying the impression’s accuracy and eliminating any remake impressions. The efficiency of electronic model making allows for less time creating a precise crown, requiring less time for cementation making a better patient experience.

On the technical side, all operatories are equipped with Adec 511 chair and Adec 533 Continental or Side Delivery with touch-tone pads and an Adec ICV HVE cleaning system.  Each Adec delivery system includes an electric hand piece, intraoral camera connection for Sopro 595 cameras and Satelec scaler. Each of the four hygiene operatories also has a Prophyjet Cavitron.  The doctor operatories all have Denmat Sapphire Plasma Arc Curing Lights capable of the fastest curing of composites available and Danville Micro-etchers attached to Adec delivery systems. Quicker curing allows for quicker and better patient experience.  The doctor operatories have innovative rear delivery patient Adec lights specifically designed by Dr. Kimmerling and Atlanta Dental Supply Co. A KaVo DIAGNOdent caries detector and a Kavo DIAGNOdent pen are located in pass-through areas for easy retrieval, and better diagnosis.  The office has two Root ZX Apex locators to provide increased efficiency during root canal therapy helping to achieve desired results.  For sterilization, there are three Adec Lisa Sterilizers, and a Statim 5000 Cassette Autoclave. The two Lisa’s and the Statim are located in the assistant’s sterilization area and one Lisa is located in the hygiene sterilization. Electric hand pieces are cleaned and lubricated using KaVo’s QUATTRO care system.   The extra-oral radiography is the Planmeca ProMax unit with 3-D capabilities that can produce tomographic slices for detailed morphologic diagnostics
Verde Pointe Dental Associates, cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA have created what they believe is a new trend in dental aesthetics. The modern, high-tech office is striking with its double glass front doors and handsome front desk/business area. A custom-built waterfall captures patients’ attention.  The dental office and philosophy go "hand-in-hand." The group strives to provide efficient, high-tech, modern dentistry in an efficient, high-tech, modern facility all surrounded by beauty.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unique Marietta, GA Dentist Office Is Also A Fine Art Gallery

It isn't very often that a Marietta, GA dentist office is also a fine art gallery.  Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa with great enthusiasm are supporting the local artists in the Marietta and Atlanta, GA. area.  Their vision is simple; a unique dental office for those visiting the dentist.  The gallery began about four years ago when Verde Pointe Dental Associates opened a new office across the parking lot, featuring five accomplished artists.

Angela Ocheltree, a native of Cobb County is a proficient sculptor, photographer and portrait painter. She has the talent to immortalize actual people in bronze and does so at request.  Drs. Kimmerling and Krempa feature one of her sculptures in a nook made just for the exquisite piece.  As an accomplished interior designer, she was commissioned to design the interior of Verde Pointe Dental Office, and has received breath-taking reviews.  "Angela made our office the most stunning dental office I have ever seen.  She has an eye for detail and color," says Dr. Kimmerling.   Patients comment on its beauty often.

Dennis Campay from Atlanta, GA. is a painter with an architectural flair.  He has many paintings throughout Verde Pointe Dental Office, and has one particular piece commissioned by Dr. Kimmerling, featuring an old-time dental chair.  His works are unique, contemporary easily identifiable.  Campay began with glossy renderings of buildings, skyscrapers and storefronts, and evolved with story-telling strengths.  He has been featured in many weekly magazines and has sold his work to corporations, universities, and serious art collectors.  His work is featured in the Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, JSL Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco and Sellers Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.  Loved and respected in the south, he is making his mark in other parts of the world.

Michaela Linda Sotilla, a fine artist hailing from Germany features works in many mediums, styles and subject matter. After graduating with honors from the Art institute of Atlanta, she has displayed works in prominent galleries, universities and corporations.  Linda's art has a distinct quality featuring the outdoors, the streets of Atlanta, people, music and abstracts.  She calls much of her work a "natural state of being." Linda's work  is a fine addition to the office.

Denard Stallings is a versatile artist.  He paints on many different subject matters, but has a real flair for the music.  Using a variety of mediums, he paints realistic portraits and infuses his passion for music with strikingly beautiful instruments.  He has strong detail in his paintings giving rise to much conversation of his work from those that see it.  Denard Stallings' work is available through Vinings Gallery in Smyrna, GA.

Elizabeth Chapman is an artist featuring abstract works at Verde Pointe using mixed medias and diverse materials on canvas.  Her pieces are intricate in detail, as she has the ability to blend colors with sophistication. She has been written up by the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, and features her work at the 463 Art Gallery in Acworth, GA.

It would be the great pleasure of Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa to share these fine works of art with patients.  Feel free to request a tour, information on the artists, or a dental appointment amidst the fabulous works.  The unique Marietta, GA dentist office welcomes new patients.