Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marietta Cosmetic Dentist Reviews

Marietta Cosmetic Dentist Kirk Kimmerling DDS
Marietta cosmetic dentist +Kirk Kimmerling DDS  is proud to announce he  has over 1,300 reviews across the internet.  Dr. Kimmerling has a terrific reputation as an excellent dentist offering cosmetic, family and emergency dental services. He has been honored by "Talk of the Town"," Celebration Media U.S. CMUS for a high customer satisfaction level two years in a row.

Excellent customer care is the hallmark of  +Kirk Kimmerling DDS  and his dentist office.  He is popular with the surrounding Marietta, Kennesaw, Dallas, Powder Springs and Acworth communities.  "Our dental office offers a high standard of dental care.  It is always an honor to see an excellent review from a patient," says Dr. Kimmerling.

Here is a typical review of the practice.

"Dr. Kirk Kimmerling and his practice provides you with the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. They continually update their skills to remain on top of the dental technology and allow their patients to benefit from new findings. The professional staff is compassioante, friendly, and accomodating. All procedures are explained thoroughly and they aim to make visits pain-free and comfortable. Dr. Kimmerling truly cares about your dental hygiene and overall health. Personally, I have been a patient of Dr. Kimmerling's for six years since relocating from New York. In fact, my first visit was during an ice-storm on a Sunday! He has performed extensive work on my teeth and has accomodated several emergency visits. He has helped me improve my teeth and oral hygiene tremendously. The level of trust and generosity he has given has led me to refer countless friends and family memebers to his practice. If you are looking for a trusted, educated, and caring dentist look no further!"

The dental office is a full service practice offering dental bridges Marietta, root canals Marietta, tooth implant Marietta, dental implants Mariettaveneers Marietta, dental veneers Mariettafillings Marietta, dental whitening Marietta, crowns Marietta, and bridges Marietta.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marietta Cosmetic Dentist Talks about Canker Sores

Canker sores can be very painful sores inside the mouth.  Sores are small ulcers and can make eating or even talking very uncomfortable.  They may flair up on the tongue, roof of mouth or inside the cheeks.  There is usually a sore tingly feeling before sore flairs up.  The sores are usually round, gray or white with a bright red border.  Tissue injury and stress are thought to be the main causes sore appear.  Citrus and acidic food sometimes trigger sores to appear or make matters worse is already infected. 

Dental and orthodontic work can irritate mouth and gum tissue that sometimes lead to a sore.  Sore can also be caused by a low immune system.  Low iron, b-12, zinc and folic acid can cause health condition leading a sores being a possible side effect.   Severe cases of sores can lead to conditions such as swollen lymph nodes and a fever.  Untreated sores can take a week or two to heal.  If severe and persists, your dentist can prescribe medication or give ideas of over the counter products to use.  There are anti-microbial mouth wash and corticosteroid ointment over the counter that your dentist can give instruction on how to use to limit pain.  If the sore are unusually big, last longer than 3 weeks, terrible intolerable pain, high fever, difficulty drinking fluids, more than one sore, it’s very important to contact your dentist.  There is no cure for sores and re-occurrence but there are ways to try avoid getting them.  

If prone to sores, try to avoid acidic and citrus or spicy foods.  Proper daily hygiene is important to keeping bacteria low that could trigger a sore.  Brushing and flossing daily are vital to maintaining low bacteria levels in the mouth.  Sores can be hard on your health considering the length of time they usually take to heal.  Taking care or oral hygiene and proper nutrition can help prevent sores from appearing.

Marietta cosmetic dentist, +Kirk Kimmerling DDS  does a special prescription mouth rinse that can help.  Call and schedule an appointment, as he can help.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Unique Relationship Between Marietta Dentist, Kirk Kimmerling and Calvary Children's Home

It's time to honor Marietta dentist, +Kirk Kimmerling DDS  for his commitment to serving others in the community where he was raised.  Dr. Kimmerling has taken care of the children from Calvary Childrens Home of Powder Springs, GA gratis since 1999.  He is a cosmetic dentist and an emergency dentist with a thriving dental practice that believes in giving back to the community where he was raised.  His commitment to the children is for as long as he practices dentistry, because they mean that much to him.

Calvary Childrens Home's Mission is to provide a safe environment for children needing placement, so they can grow to reach their full potential in their personal, emotional and spiritual life.  "It's a place where children can live, go to school, work and live a happy, productive life while growing up happy.  I want to help give the children the best possible start to life, and a healthy mouth is my gift," says Dr. Kimmerling.  The home has serviced over 400 children since its founding in 1966.

Marietta Dentist Kirk Kimmerling and Calvary Childrens Home Unite
Kirk Kimmerling DDS and staff have enjoyed watching many of the children grow into fine young adults, as some have even returned after college to work for the home. "It's an honor to be a part of a wonderful organization that makes a difference in the lives of so many children," says Dr. Kimmerling.  "It's my privilege."

Cosmetic Dentist Kirk Kimmerling Renews Pledge to Children
Marietta Dentist, Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Carolyn Mitchell of Calvary Children's Home

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dental Veneers Marietta

Have you ever thought you wanted to get dental veneers Marietta GA?  

The dentists at Verde Pointe Dental Associates would be happy to show you what is possible with restorative dentistry.  Dental veneers and crowns can improve the aesthetics of a smile in different ways such as improving color, shape and spacing between teeth.  When seeing a patient for a complete exam, not only does the dentists at the Marietta Dental office evaluate your teeth, but they also look at what cosmetic improvements can be done to enhance a smile.  

Have you asked the question, “What are veneers or how much do veneers cost?”  Although the price of veneers range from dentist to dentist,Verde Pointe Dental Associates and +Kirk Kimmerling DDS  welcome patients to the dental clinic for a cosmetic evaluation and full explanation of treatment options and costs involved. Even simple procedures such as cosmetic contouring or shaping of front teeth can make a big difference in a smile.
Marietta Cosmetic Dentist and Dental Veneer