Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Great Aid for Those Wearing Braces

Braces are a substantial investment, so the last thing people want after wearing braces is for their teeth to be covered with white spots. These spots are the beginning of dental decay caused by bacteria.
There's help in avoiding white spots, the beginning of decay  during braces.

A Swedish study from Malmo University suggested that a high fluoride toothpaste may help those wearing braces not to develop the spots.  Since 85 percent of people wearing braces develop these lesions, a high fluoride toothpaste was studied.  

Five dental practices with over 400 people participated.  Half  were given a 4 times the amount of fluoride in a toothpaste, while the others used a regular fluoride toothpaste.  After the 20 months, it was determined that the high fluoride is effective in stopping one third of white lesions in age group 11 to 16.  Forty five percent with regular toothpaste showed signs of white spots while 34.6 that used the high fluoride showed the spots.

Verde Pointe Dental Associates offers prescription strength high fluoridated toothpastes at the dental office.  Marietta dentists can determine if a high fluoride toothpaste is right for you. Whether you have braces or are cavity prone,  Kirk Kimmeling DDS, Suzanna Aguilera DMD and Garrick McGrath can offer advice on your specific situation. Teeth need to last a lifetime, so high fluoride may be right for you.