Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unique Marietta, GA Dentist Office Is Also A Fine Art Gallery

It isn't very often that a Marietta, GA dentist office is also a fine art gallery.  Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa with great enthusiasm are supporting the local artists in the Marietta and Atlanta, GA. area.  Their vision is simple; a unique dental office for those visiting the dentist.  The gallery began about four years ago when Verde Pointe Dental Associates opened a new office across the parking lot, featuring five accomplished artists.

Angela Ocheltree, a native of Cobb County is a proficient sculptor, photographer and portrait painter. She has the talent to immortalize actual people in bronze and does so at request.  Drs. Kimmerling and Krempa feature one of her sculptures in a nook made just for the exquisite piece.  As an accomplished interior designer, she was commissioned to design the interior of Verde Pointe Dental Office, and has received breath-taking reviews.  "Angela made our office the most stunning dental office I have ever seen.  She has an eye for detail and color," says Dr. Kimmerling.   Patients comment on its beauty often.

Dennis Campay from Atlanta, GA. is a painter with an architectural flair.  He has many paintings throughout Verde Pointe Dental Office, and has one particular piece commissioned by Dr. Kimmerling, featuring an old-time dental chair.  His works are unique, contemporary easily identifiable.  Campay began with glossy renderings of buildings, skyscrapers and storefronts, and evolved with story-telling strengths.  He has been featured in many weekly magazines and has sold his work to corporations, universities, and serious art collectors.  His work is featured in the Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, JSL Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco and Sellers Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.  Loved and respected in the south, he is making his mark in other parts of the world.

Michaela Linda Sotilla, a fine artist hailing from Germany features works in many mediums, styles and subject matter. After graduating with honors from the Art institute of Atlanta, she has displayed works in prominent galleries, universities and corporations.  Linda's art has a distinct quality featuring the outdoors, the streets of Atlanta, people, music and abstracts.  She calls much of her work a "natural state of being." Linda's work  is a fine addition to the office.

Denard Stallings is a versatile artist.  He paints on many different subject matters, but has a real flair for the music.  Using a variety of mediums, he paints realistic portraits and infuses his passion for music with strikingly beautiful instruments.  He has strong detail in his paintings giving rise to much conversation of his work from those that see it.  Denard Stallings' work is available through Vinings Gallery in Smyrna, GA.

Elizabeth Chapman is an artist featuring abstract works at Verde Pointe using mixed medias and diverse materials on canvas.  Her pieces are intricate in detail, as she has the ability to blend colors with sophistication. She has been written up by the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, and features her work at the 463 Art Gallery in Acworth, GA.

It would be the great pleasure of Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa to share these fine works of art with patients.  Feel free to request a tour, information on the artists, or a dental appointment amidst the fabulous works.  The unique Marietta, GA dentist office welcomes new patients.