Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dental Implants Can Restore A Smile And Quality Of Life

People missing a single or multiple teeth now have an excellent solution to restore their smile.  Dental implants can be the best option for many good reasons says Marietta cosmetic dentist.  Implants look and chew food like natural teeth, and only your dentist needs to know you have them.  Implants look beautiful, feel natural and give the confidence to eat, laugh and enjoy life.  Although they can be costly, implants are worth the value. When understood, it's easy to see why they have become the option people prefer when replacing missing teeth.  They give back the smile people desire.

A dentist will decide how many implants and what options are available to restore smiles with multiple missing teeth. Implants require several visits and multiple steps.  A metal implant, usually titanium is placed into the jaw for the bone to osseointegrate.  A second, smaller procedure exposes the implant and an extension is placed to anchor the crown (tooth).  Not every person is a candidate for implants.  Your dentist will make sure there is a sufficient natural bone ridge to support the implant.  After an extraction, the body may not fill in the area with bone well enough on its own.  It may be necessary for your dentist to place bone in the area where the tooth was extracted.  Many times, it can be done as the implant is placed.

Dental implants can keep a person looking younger.  When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone naturally begins to atrophy and dissolve.  Missing teeth result in an older appearance as teeth are lost and the bone deteriorates.  The face begins to change shape.  An implant and crown can help hold the bone level stable resulting in a fuller more natural shaped face.

Dental implants have many benefits.  Millions of adults with missing teeth understand the unpleasant consequences that accompany the loss of teeth.  Speaking and eating become more difficult. Teeth nearby eventually suffer by laying down to fill the open space. Teeth on the opposing arch eject from the gums, also trying to fill the space.  Movement of the teeth compromise the overall condition of the mouth, and wreak havoc beyond speech and eating.  Teeth that have laid down become more difficult to clean and can cause a periodontal (gum) condition.  Restored implants keep teeth in their natural position.

Implants are an excellent option because they anchor teeth securely.  Foods of choice can be chewed without  worry or embarrassment of falling out.  Implant teeth do not cause gum irritations or sores like removable appliances.  They are a positive advancement in dentistry that allow people to eat and smile more naturally.

Dental implants require excellent home care.  Regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist help them last a lifetime.  If you are missing teeth, do not compromise your life any longer. Seek a consultation from a dentist that places implants.   Missing teeth no longer hold people back from the full life they desire.   Dental implants may be the solution to restore your smile says Marietta Dentist .