Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is There Ever a Convenient Time for a Toothache?

There is never a convenient time for a toothache.  That's why preventative care at the dentist makes so much sense.  Preventative care not only keeps your mouth healthy, it allows the dentist to diagnose necessary procedures before they become more costly or the need for an emergency dentist.  Kirk Kimmerling DDS believes most dental emergencies can be avoided if patients would get their teeth cleaned at least twice a year.  "Many of my patients understand the connection of a healthy mouth to a healthy body and come in four times a year for a dental cleaning. It's a healthy way to live," says Dr. Kimmerling.

At the dental practice of Kirk Kimmerling DDS, time is taken with every patient so that they understand why the hygiene of their mouth is important.  It's like taking vitamins or working out at the gym, a good oral condition is just as important, and helps to avoid the dreaded inconvenient toothache.

Let the dental professionals at Kirk Kimmerling DDS ensure a healthier you.  For additional information on dental health and your overall health, visit the American Dental Association's site today.

Kirk Kimmerling DDS, Marietta Dentist