Monday, April 8, 2013

Ouch, My Tooth Hurts

If you have ever had a severe toothache, it's usually an event you don't forget. Toothaches cause pain, and people naturally want immediate relief. Emergency dentists receive calls from people every day needing relief.  Most dental staff expect these call.  They know people with a true toothache need help immediately, and it's time to see them that day if the schedule allows.  If an open appointment exists on the schedule, the patient usually gladly accepts the appointment.  However, sometimes people wind up in a situation where they can not find a dentist, and emergency room is the only option.  Avoiding this costly option usually can be avoided by regular visits to the dentist.

Regular cleanings appointments gives a dentist the chance to examine, take x-rays and inform the patient of any pending concerns.  Problems caught early on usually means dental work is less costly in the long run.  Mouths are like cars.  Maintenance means less costly repairs, and teeth are no different.