Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Your 50 and Finally Getting a Gorgeous Smile

So, you're 50 years old, and have the kids raised, through college and now there's a little time and money available to use on yourself.  The over 50 year olds are a generation known to be hard working that took great care of their children.  So now it's their turn.

The next craze in America is people over 50 finally investing in the smiles they have always wanted.  An epidemic of older people getting braces, dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening or just plain cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. "A nice smile is something I have always wanted, and now I've done it," says a 75 year old patient of Dr. Kimmerling.  "This is the kind of comment we are hearing over and over."

"I have referred many older patients for braces, and as a reward, I whiten their teeth for free.  I love it when a person smiles, and they light the room looking gorgeous.  It makes being able to change how people see themselves an absolute joy." says Dr. Kimmerling.

If you are older and have always wanted a gorgeous smile, it's your time to shine.  Looking good at any age makes people not only shine on the outside, but shine on the inside.  It would be the great pleasure of Kirk Kimmerling DDS, dentist in Marietta, GA to have you as a patient.