Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Help Avoid Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, Bad Breath, and Stained Teeth

Have you ever wondered what are the basics to maintaining great oral hygiene?  Basic everyday care involves brushing twice daily, flossing, regular professional hygiene cleanings and dental check-ups.  Basic care helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, bad breath or stained teeth. 

Basic nutrition also plays a big factor in great oral health.  Bacteria that is left in the mouth can spread through the body and may lead to other health issues.  

Lets take a look at steps and tools that are necessary...  

1. Its important to brush in the morning and before bed.  Brushing helps remove bacteria filled plaque from teeth and gums.  Brushing gums also keeps them from bleeding and healthy.  Talk to the dentist about what type of tooth brush they recommend.  A Sonicare is generally the recommended toothbrush from Verde Pointe Dental Associates.  The right toothbrush is important considering it will be used everyday.  

2. The AmericanDental Association recommends to use toothpastes with fluoride.  Fluoride helps strengthen teeth to prevent tooth decay.  Some dentist recommend using mouth wash that contains fluoride at night before bed.  Swish the mouthwash all around for about a minute and spit.  Try not to rinse mouth after so the fluoride stays on teeth while asleep.   

3. Flossing is also a key part in removing plaque and bacteria.  There are so many options for flossing so pick one that feels most comfortable.  Some floss contains fluoride which is great to use because brushing alone cant always get between teeth.  

4. Its also important to brush bacteria off the tongue.  The tongue can harvest lots of bacteria which can lead to bad breath.  A tongue scraper can be purchased and works well. Using a soft bristled brush back and forth is ideal to remove bacteria daily.  

5. Avoiding sugary foods also helps keep bacteria and plaque down.  Bacteria feeds off sugar and produces plaque on teeth and gum line.  

Basic oral hygiene can help maintain a great future of oral health.