Monday, November 18, 2013

Shockingly, Your Tooth Can Be Dead!

Did you know people can have a tooth that's dead?  It's true, just because a tooth is in your mouth, does not mean it is alive and well.  The inside structure of a tooth is living and can actually die requiring a treatment from a dentist.  People walk around every day with a tooth that needs attention, because it is dead.  So, let's take a look at the facts.

How does a tooth die?

The answer is multi-fold.  A tooth can die for different reasons, such as a deep cavity reaching the living part of the tooth called the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected with bacteria, it dies and a decaying process begins.

Trauma is another way a tooth can die. A sever blow can sever the nerve at the root tip causing it to die. Sometimes, it dies quickly or takes several years.

Dental procedures can cause a tooth to die.  Although the procedures are necessary, it can add stress to teeth, where it may not be able to withstand the drilling. The pulp inflames and dies.

Another reason a tooth can die is it fractures.  Some teeth crack deep into the pulp and can be repaired.  It is possible for the tooth to be cracked, and the only fix is an extraction.

Facts about a dead tooth are universal.

Generally a tooth becomes abscessed after the pulp dies, and requires a root canal to remove the dead, decaying tissue.  An abscess will form at the tip of the root and a pus pocket appear.  The puss formed in the area of the dead tissue, and if left go, will infect the bone around the root.  Sometimes, people develop a pimple on the gums, allowing the pus to drain.  This can cause a bad taste in the mouth.  The infection can spread to neighboring teeth.

In rare cases, people have died. Dead teeth require either a root canal therapy or an dental extraction.  If you have a dead tooth, see a dentist today!  Your health depends on it says +Kirk Kimmerling DDS.