Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your Teeth, The Bite, Good or Bad?

Do you ever wonder if your teeth come together properly?  They should actually close a certain way for the chewing system to function harmoniously.  When teeth, muscles and the jaw joint work well together, muscles are relaxed, the joint is stable and all the teeth contact at the same time along the axis.   A bad bite can cause pain and destruction, and since most of us have bites that are less than ideal, only a dentist can decide if there's cause for concern.

Let's take a look at the common bite disorders.


A crossbite occurs when upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth on one or multiple teeth. Correction
Most People Do Not Have a Perfect Bite
is necessary, as it can cause dysfunctional chewing, asymmetrical jaws, gums disease, bone loss, premature wear on teeth and a less attractive smile. A crossbite generally requires braces, a retainer or expansion with an intra-oral appliance.


An underbite occurs when lower teeth protrude past the upper front teeth.  It occurrs generally because of an undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower, both overgrowth, flared upper incisors, missing teeth or a combination of all.  An underbite can cause chewing problems, proper function of the front teeth, premature wear of teeth, joint malfunction and a less attractive smile.  An underbite can be modified and corrected through growth modification of the jaw, extractions, or orthognathic surgery.


An openbite is usually caused by the patient, himself.  Front teeth, upper and lower jet forward causing them to jet forward and never touch.  Thumb sucking, finger sucking  tongue thrusting, or chewing objects, pacifiers, bottle feeding can cause the condition to occur.  Tempromandibular joint disorder or (TMJ) can also cause the to push teeth into a a comfortable bite.  Although prevention is most desirable, corrections can be made by braces, growth modifications, extrusion of front teeth, and surgery.

Overbite or Deepbite

An overbite, also called a deep bite occurs when the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth.  Usually there is no contact between the upper and lower front teeth. Upper teeth can erupt too much, or there can be a discrepancy in the jaw where the front of the jaw grows more than the back on the same arch.  An overbite can cause difficulty eating, lower teeth biting into upper tissue, joint malfunction, wear on lower anterior teeth, an unattractive smile.  It can be corrected by orthodontics moving front teeth up possibly back teeth closer together.


An overjet is when lower teeth are too far behind the upper teeth.  It can occur due to thumb or finger sucking, tongue thrusting, molars teeth are improperly aligned, the upper and lower jaws are not properly balanced or missing lower teeth. An overjet can lead to improper function of teeth, premature wear of teeth, and a less attractive smile.  Correction can be possible through growth modification, appliances, and braces.

If you believe your teeth do not align properly, perhaps +Verde Pointe Dental Associates and Marietta Cosmetic dentists +Kirk Kimmerling DDS and +Suzanna Aguilera DMD can help with a consultation.  Only a dentist can help decide the best possible treatment when needed.  The office also accepts a dental emergency when you need them most.