Friday, January 24, 2014

Kids Receive a Children's Dental Health Month Surprise Gift at the Dentist in February

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and Marietta dentists +Kirk Kimmerling
Marietta Dentists
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 and +Suzanna Aguilera  DMD from +Verde Pointe Dental Associates want to help children establish good oral habits that can last a life time.  Each child receives a surprise gift at a dental cleaning and checkup to help promote good oral health and excitement concerning clean teeth.

The American Dental Association has been sponsoring the event every February for 63 years.  Dental professionals, parents, and teachers alike are encouraged to participate with the ADA. Worksheets and games can be downloaded on ADA site  to help children understand the importance of oral health.

"Children are impressionable, so Verde Pointe Dental Associates are participating in the February event, adding excitement around proper brushing and flossing.

Each appointment receives surprise a colorful gift full items such as; toothbrush, floss, stickers, ADA worksheets, coloring, games, and Trident gum."

It's a big hit every year, and the Marietta dentists expect no difference this year.