Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Depression and Anxiety Lead to Tooth Loss

People that are depressed or suffer anxiety are more likely to lose a tooth than others.

A recent study from the International & American Associations for Dental Research found depression and anxiety were linked with tooth loss. Participants over 19 years of age were used in a complex telephone survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments called the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) where complete data on depression, anxiety and tooth loss was gathered.

The study concluded that there was a link between those that suffer depression and anxiety with tooth loss. Individuals with anxiety may avoid professional dental care, and those suffering depression neglect to perform home care.  Since cavities and gum disease occur from complex and chronic conditions, neglect and avoidance over time will result in tooth loss.

If tooth loss does occur, there are ways to restore your smile with procedures such as dental implants, dental bridges, dental partials. If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist for a dental extraction, root canal or emergency dental visit +Verde Pointe Dental Associates can help.  We at +Verde Pointe Dental Associates, Dr.+Suzanna Aguilera and Dr. +Kirk Kimmerling DDS will offer options and associated fees when tooth loss occurs.