Monday, September 29, 2014

Bad News for Your Teeth if You Exercise Heavy

Could it be bad for your teeth if you exercise too much? 

Researchers led by Dr. Cornelia Frese, a dentist from the dental school at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany and other institutions recruited 35 triathlon athletes and 35 non-athletes to examine their mouths for cavities, decay, enamel erosion, and overall oral health.  The study concluded the following.

1. Research found no correlation between sports drinks, diets and oral health.
2. The more hours athletes spent working out, the more decay present.
3. Athletes suffered greater erosion of tooth enamel than non-athletes.
4. Saliva of athletes and non-athletes, both at rest tested no differences in chemical makeup.

So why the difference?  The conclusion;

1. When athletes worked out, saliva production decreased, even with the extra consumption of water and other drinks.
2. The chemical composition of an athletes mouth converted to more  alkaline environment as the workouts progressed, contributing to more plaque.

“We had thought sports drinks and nutrition might have the most detrimental influence on dental decay,” said Dr. Frese, “but we saw no direct link. Instead, it was the changes in saliva during exercise that differentiated the athletes’ mouths from those of the control group. Since saliva “has a very protective function”  Dr. Frese said, implying a chemically different version during exercise could be problematic.

What athletes need to do concerning oral health;

Athletes should pay close attention and be aware of the condition of their mouths. Excellent oral hygiene, and extra professional cleaning appointments at the dentist for added fluoride treatments can help ensure ultimate dental health. This gives added opportunity for a dentist to fix pending oral conditions before they become more problematic. (Cavities, gum disease, root canals, dental extractions, toothaches, dental emergency and more.)
It's important to put the extra effort in maintaining a healthy mouth, just as you do for a healthy body. 

The Marietta dentists at  +Verde Pointe Dental Associates +Kirk Kimmerling DDS +Suzanna Aguilera DMD and Garrick McGrath DMD welcome athletes to the dental office.  It would be our great pleasure to ensure your mouth is healthy.