Monday, December 22, 2014

Verde Pointe Dental T-Shirt Winner Announced

The staff at +Verde Pointe Dental Associates know how to have a good time.  Four teams were created to develop a "Fun Friday T-shirt" with patients voting for the one they liked the most.

Team +Suzanna Aguilera won by five votes, although team +Kirk Kimmerling was a close second.
We Win says two Dental Assistants!
The winning slogan was, "Don't be Dirty, Come to Verde!"  Getting a dental cleaning, at least twice a year is important, not only to your mouth, but your overall health.  Bacteria resides in the mouth that can enter the bloodstream to create havoc on the body.  The dentists at the Marietta dental office want patients to understand the importance of keeping your mouth healthy.

The contest was to raise awareness to the importance of keeping a mouth healthy, cavity free, and periodontal healthy.  The staff will wear the t-shirts to help the effort.  

The Marietta cosmetic dentists are accepting new patients to the practice by offering a New Patient $100 coupon to cover deductibles, and out of pocket co-pays.  Insurance accepted and filed on behalf of the patient.