Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Only an Emoticon is Happy with a Discolored Front Tooth

Have you noticed someone with one dark front tooth?  A dark, discolored front tooth becomes the focal point of a person's face.  It changes their entire appearance, resulting for many in an embarrassing smile.
Only an Emoticon is Happy with a Discolored Front Tooth!

The good new is that a discolored front tooth can be fixed by a dentist.  

A. Let's look at why the tooth turned dark.

Perhaps the number one reason a tooth turns dark is due to trauma.  The tooth has been injured and the internal nerve tissue has died and is staining the inside of the tooth dark.  

B. What does a dentist do to fix the tooth?

If a tooth has died from trauma, a dentist will need to perform a procedure called a root canal. The procedure is designed to remove the dead tissue, clean the internal structure, and fill it with Gutta Percha, a rubber material.  Sometimes, a dentist will suggest a few extra appointments to internally bleach the tooth before it is filled.  These procedures usually take care of the dark tooth problem, giving back the beautiful smile once enjoyed. 

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