Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, a Marietta Dentist Helps Calvary Children's Home

    Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, a cosmetic dentist in Marietta, GA (close to Kennesaw) isn't just any dentist.  For over 26 years, his practice has been highly successful demonstrated by his incredible 13 operatory facility and high-tech equipment to match.  The key to his success is his willingness to take care of Cobb County citizens that are less fortunate.  Dr. Kimmerling has taken Calvary Childrens Home, Powder Springs, GA under his wing since 1999.  He treats 25-45 children a year to routine and restorative dental care at no charge.  Each child is seen for an initial visit, cleaning, flouride, and x-rays.  If any restorative procedures are needed, they too are done at no charge.  Dr. Kimmerling even does teeth whitening for free, for some of the children, and they love it.  He's just a wonderful and giving person, a common expression used by the staff and house parents of the children.  Many years ago, they approached Dr. Kimmerling and asked him if he would be willing to take care of a few children, in hoping they could get all of the children taken care of with many different dentists in the area.  He quickly said, he would take care of all of them, a pleasant surprise to the Home.  Now, for the last12 years, Dr. Kimmerling has taken care of all of the children.  It has been his great pleasure to watch them grow up and finish the same high school, McEachern High School that Dr. Kimmerling attended.  He says he is pleased that the children have such a lovely home to grown up in, and with wonderful house parents.  He believes Calvary Children's Home is top notch, and should be used as a model for the rest of the country, so their success can be repeated.  "These kids grow into successful, happy young adults, and that pleases me," says Dr. Kimmerling.  He believes a healthy smile is important to how we feel about ourselves, so that healthy smile is his gift to the start of a good life for them.  Many of the children have become successful productive adults, and have come back as patients.  If you would like more information on Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, and his practice, click the website to follow.