Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dentist, Kirk Kimmerling In Marietta, GA Gives Back To His Community

Most people in Marietta, GA know, Dr. Kirk Kimmerling by name.  Although he has an outstanding reputation as a dentist, it is his readiness to help others less fortunate that is bringing him attention. Recently, Dr. Kimmerling took Tosha Phillips, of Douglasville, GA under his wing.  After completing a Family Dependency Treatment Court Program in Cobb County, Dr. Kimmerling is helping Tosha by rejuvenating her smile at no charge.

Tosha, a 35-year-old Mother with a seventeen year old son has successfully completed a 14 month treatment program under the direction of Judge Juanita Stedman's Family Dependency Treatment Court. Tosha entered the program after being addicted to methamphetamines and is successfully re-entering society as a productive citizen.

Tosha said her front tooth has been black for almost 15 years, and Dr Kimmerling is not only fixing her black tooth, but whitening her smile as well. It is giving her the self-confidence she needs to re-enter the workforce in a more positive light.

Jim Reuther, Network Domino business owner and long time patient of Dr. Kimmerling approached him asking for help.  Dr. Kimmerling, no stranger to helping others in the community, immediately accepted Tosha.   Dr. Kimmerling provides dentistry, free of charge to Calvary Children's Home for over 15 years.

"It's my great pleasure to make a difference in people's lives and I enjoy helping through dentistry," Dr. Kimmerling said.

Tosha has turned her life around, and credits the treatment program to her success.  She recently has moved into an apartment of her own and is looking for employment.  Tosha is grateful for Reuther, Judge Stedman and all the Dr. Kimmerling is doing for her.  She has become a role model to many that have drug and court issues.  "Her motivation to make a difference in her life as well as her son's makes me want to help return her smile to something pretty," says Dr. Kimmerling.  Tosha has been clean from drugs for a year and a half.  She speaks openly about the mistakes that she's made, and vows to be a different person.  She's has a brightness and enthusiasm that let's you know that she has changed her life and intends to keep it that way.  Tosha does not mind talking about her journey, as there is no shame for Tosha  because she is the success story that makes other people and families hopeful.

Dr. Kimmerling is a practicing dentist in Marietta, GA for over 26 years that has a history of helping others. Although Dr. Kimmerling is Emory University trained and highly intelligent, it is not his intelligence that brings him accolades. It is his giving back to the community that people are talking about. Dr. Kimmerling helps people even though he knows that not all stories end in success.  "It's the people who do make it that keep me wanting to participate, and I don't mind helping those that don't make it.  My dentistry may be the only bright spot in a dark existence,"  says Dr. Kimmerling.  He plans on continuing as long as he is a practicing dentist in Marietta, GA.  Tosha Phillips is not the first person Dr. Kimmerling's helped, and will not be the last.  He's a mentor of people.  Cobb County needs as many Dr. Kirk Kimmerling's it can get.