Sunday, June 5, 2011

Marietta Dentist Introduces Blog On Dentistry And Involvment In Polymer Chemistry

Verde Pointe Dental Associates introduces a new blog on the practice website for better informed patients.

Marietta, GA- Leading dentist in Marietta and Kennesaw at Verde Pointe Dental Associates, Kirk Kimmerling DDS introduces the launch of the practice's new blog library.  With involvement in creation of new dental products, the Marietta dentist has recognized the need for a new informational blog.  It is different than any other blog.  It not only covers dental procedures and news, but also Dr. Kimmerling's involvement in polymer chemistry and the introduction of new incredible dental products he is currently involved with.

Dr. Kimmerling is able to communicate new information to his patients about dental care, new treatments and new procedures as they come available.  "More patients than ever are interested in a healthy mouth, as they know it relates to a healthy body," says Dr. Kimmerling.  "My partners and I are planning on changing the chemistry of dentistry."  Patients of the Marietta dentist will have the ability to keep up to date on Dr. Kimmerling's polymer chemistry group and its effects on dentistry.  Dr. Kimmerling believes they have a product on the horizon that is one of the biggest products ever in dentistry.

Dr. Kimmerling is a part of an organization of incredible minds across the country.  They are working together to change dentistry for the betterment of the world health.  Dr. Kimmerling is a unique Marietta dentist, as he received a degree in chemistry from Emory University before attending dental school.  He has been practicing dentistry for over 29 years, giving him the unique ability to contribute significantly in changing the product world of dentistry.  He's involved with Universities, large corporations, and brilliant individuals, all contributing to further the development of the polymer chemistry.  It will not only be used to change dentistry, but also in far-reaching applications and directions.

The blog on the website will allow patients and interested people to be kept abreast on the group's upcoming innovations in dental product development.  Informed patients allow the practice to provide a better quality of service overall.  Patients not only learn about dental topics, such as bonding, root canals, dentures, toothaches, dental fillings, dental cleanings, teeth whitening, sealants, dental veneers and dental implants, it will include information on the new polymer products.

The dentists and staff at Verde Pointe Dental Office are schooled on not only the dental services and treatments, but on the exciting upcoming dental advancements.

Patients that have been coming to Dr. Kimmerling over the years for teeth cleanings and treatment are excited about the upcoming dental products.  Dr. Kimmerling expects to change the face of dentistry significantly, and wants his patients to benefit immediately.  Patients are glad to be apart of such a significant dental office.  "We expect the blog to be the place our patients go to learn more," says Marietta dentist.  "Dr. Kimmerling is no ordinary dentist, says Katherine Worsham, Insurance Coordinator at Verde Pointe Dental Associates.  "He is highly intelligent and is able to work with brilliant chemists on a new polymer.  I find that amazing."

Verde Pointe Dental Associates has a new and exciting blog by a Marietta dentist that will be different than any other.  It's exciting because patients can be apart of the changes coming to dentistry.