Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kirk Kimmerling DDS Continues Participation In Child Assistance Program

Kirk Kimmerling DDS contributes to the dental needs of Cobb Dental Society's Child Assistance Program (CAP) another year.

CAP is a Cobb County and Marietta City School Social Work Program serving the dental needs of families not quite able to make ends meet.

The program welcomes volunteer dentists from a variety of specialties including orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists and general practitioners that are willing to donate free dental services to children in need in Cobb County and Marietta City.  The program helps about 120 students a year, and the families are very appreciative of Dr. Kimmerling and the social workers hail him and the other dentists as "heroes."

The families are pre-screened, and the children in need are enrolled in the program to get the appropriate dental services.  "Dentists, like Dr. Kimmerling help them and before long, they are back focusing on their education," says Penny Warren, M.S.W. and Director of the CAP Dental Program for 8 years, and a social worker since 1976.

Most children referred are not an emergency dental situation, as the typical patient has decayed teeth, swollen and bleeding gums or are in need only of a dental cleaning and check-up. Dental needs can seriously affect learning, and put a child at a grave disadvantage.  The students get their needs met by improving their child's dental health, allowing parents to have one less concern.

In total, about 58 dentists participate in the program with Dr. Kimmerling, and they pick the number of students they see.  The dentists receive a detailed form when a child is referred.

Students come from all types of backgrounds; single mothers, domestic violence, homeless or some just need a little help to get by.   "If we help people when they are not quite making ends meet, then we will keep them off government programs.  This could include a food pantry, school supply give away, clothes closet, Christmas gifts or the dental program.  If the community steps up to the plate, then the families make it with a little support in various ways according to their needs," says Ms. Warren.  These families have fallen in the cracks of society.  They are not eligible for any assistance, such as Peachcare or Medicaid programs, and it is clear that dentists like Dr. Kimmerling make a real difference filling the gaps in Cobb County.

Dr. Kimmerling makes the effort to give back, and makes the world a better place.  "Dr. Kimmerling has a one of a kind, beautiful, high-tech office and I believe he is successful because he gives so much," says Katherine Worsham, Insurance Administrator at Verde Pointe Dental Associates in Marietta.

"Treating the students of Cobb County has been an absolute pleasure.  These children are grateful, wonderful kids, and it is my pleasure to shine a little light in their lives," says Dr. Kimmerling.

The distinguished group of caring professions do a terrific job every year for Cobb County.  They have helped the county in a big way.  Many Marietta dentists like Dr. Kimmerling participate, however we have a great need in our county and more are always welcome to help.

The program is a success thanks to dentists like Dr. Kimmerling.  He has provided dental services free of charge to those that otherwise would go without.  He is to be commended as a community leader and Dentist in Marietta.