Sunday, July 3, 2011

Facts And Myths About Cavities

Can you guess which of these are a myth or fact about cavities?  Interestingly, many people are unaware of the truth about decay and how it happens. Can you answer the following questions asks Marietta dentist?
  • Does treating a cavity mean the decay has stopped?
  • Do acidic foods cause cavities?
  • Can people always tell if they have a cavity?
  •  Does sugar really cause cavities?
  •  Do sensitive teeth mean decay?
  • Do cracks or chips on teeth cause decay?
  • Should people worry about their baby's teeth?

Let's take a look at some myths and facts...

1. Does treating a cavity mean the decay has stopped?

Answer:  This is a fact, but only if your dentist has removed all the decay.  A dentists can make sure all the decay is removed by using a caries detection stain.  It is a technique that helps identify remaining decay that can missed by the naked eye.  If all the decay is removed and the filling is done properly, the decay will stop.

2.  Do acidic foods cause cavities?

Answer:  This is a half-fact!  Acidic foods such as soft drinks and citrus foods don't cause cavities, they can weaken the enamel making it easier for decay to start.

3.  Can people always tell if they have a cavity?

Answer:  Myth!  This is a terrible myth because most people do not have symptoms with mild tooth decay.  Pain usually means that the decay is more advanced and has caused damage to the nerve, leading to more expensive procedures such as root canal therapy.  It is important to seek treatment and have a cavity repaired before the decay becomes advanced.

4.  Does sugar really cause cavities?

Answer:  This is a fact.  Bacteria in your mouth feeds off sugar and produces a decay causing acid.  Proper daily brushing and flossing helps remove bacteria and its acidic by product.

5.  Do sensitive teeth mean decay?

Answer:  This is an absolute myth!  Although sensitive teeth can be a result of decay, it can also come from other dental problems.  Sensitivity can occur from gum recession, cracked teeth and other dental problems.  Your dentist can help identify the problem and provide some helpful solutions.

6.  Do cracks or chips on teeth cause decay?

Answer:  This is half-truth!  Cracks or chips can create a hiding place for bacteria to harvest.  Sometimes a toothbrush cannot reach these areas properly to completely clean away the bacteria causing the teeth to become more prone to decay.  Although, not all cracks and chips result in decay, it is always important to alert your dentist.  Cracks and chips may need attention for other dental concerns.

8.  Should people worry about their baby's teeth?

Answer:  Fact.  Yes, people should worry about their baby's teeth!  Baby teeth with cavities can develop into agonizing pain and abscesses.  If left untreated, they may develop infection that possibly spreads to other parts of the body.  Baby teeth guide in the placement of adult teeth, also an important reason to keep them healthy.  Regular dental visits will help keep children on the right track to good oral hygiene.

Although, there are many reasons decay can develop, good daily oral hygiene can significantly reduce the chances.  Daily brushing and flossing are the first and best defense, says a dentist in Marietta, GA.


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