Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Ever Spay and Neuter St. Patti's Event at a Dental Office

Call us crazy, and that's ok, because, here at +Verde Pointe Dental Associates we are hosting our first

"Gone to the Dogs" event this St. Patrick's Day 2014.  Our dental office is full of shelter pet enthusiasts. That's why we're dressing up in green and giving out St. Patti cookies in lieu of a spay and neuter donation for the Tigg Neuter Project!

The office in conjunction with +Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM will be collecting monies to help shelter dogs and cats get spay and neutered.

"It's always a pleasure to help needy pets in the community," say Julian Peckich DVM.  "It's great to work with such a caring veterinarian office," says Kirk Kimmerling.

For more information on the upcoming event;