Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monkey Gets Root Canal byTwo Veterinarians and Dentist

A collaboration between a dentist and two veterinarians have made life a whole lot happier for one Allen root canal specialist , Kimberly Lindquist came together to perform a root canal on Noqui, an Allen swamp monkey with a toothache.
Allen Swamp Monkey Gets Root Canal
swamp monkey at Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, MN.  Veterinarian, Louise Beyea, veterinarian Michael Overend and human

 The zoo noticed a lesion on Noqui's face and determined the necessary treatment would be a root canal, just like humans get.

However, the dental procedure posed interesting challenges to the team.  Noqui's root length was extremely long compared to a human tooth, so human instruments were impossible to use.  Specialized tools needed to be located.

The palate of an Allen swamp monkey is very thin and shallow, and the accompanying narrow jaw made the root canal difficult, yet not impossible.  All in all, the procedure went well and was considered a success.  Noqui now lives pain free and able to get back to enjoying the things monkeys enjoy without chronic pain.