Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dental Implants Have been done for 2,500 Years

A 2,300 dental implant replacing an upper incisor was found in the timber burial chamber, Le Chene,
First Known Dental Implant
Northern France.  It is believed to be the oldest dental implant in dental history dating back to the Iron Age. The tooth was placed in a 22 year old woman after death for decorative purposes. During the Iron Age, teeth were added after death to improve appearance for after life. The procedure would have been too painful and excruciating to endure while alive. If placed while alive, it would have led to infection and death.

The corpse was found and excavated by Guillaume Segin in 2009.  The skeleton was not well preserved, however the teeth were in correct position with a metal pin located in missing tooth position.  A tooth would have been attached.  The implant preceded the oldest known by 400 years, also found in France.

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