Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Dental X-rays are Necessary

What are dental x-rays used for?
Dental x-rays are radiographic images that allows your local dentist in Marietta to diagnose and treat any oral health conditions. Dental x-rays help dentists visualize conditions of the teeth and surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with the naked eye during an oral exam.  Dental abscesses, cysts, tumors, periodontal gum disease, decay underneath fillings or in between teeth and the location of impacted or unerupted teeth are all detected with dental x-rays.

How often should teeth be x-rayed?

The frequency depends on your current dental or medical history and even your dentist’s preference. Many people get dental x-rays are often as every 6 months while others may only get them once a year, or every couple of years or for a dental emergency.  People, who fall into the high risk category, requiring x-rays more often, include: children, adults with current or existing extensive dental work, people who assume a lot of sugary drinks, smokers, adults who have periodontal disease history, and those who suffer from dry mouth.

How safe are dental x-rays?

Any exposure to radiation has its risk; however, there have been many advances in dentistry regarding digital x-rays that has helped in making the radiation exposure small.  Patients who receive chest x-rays, mammograms, and/or CT scans are exposed to far more radiation than dental x-rays. Radiation exposure can come from the sun, flying in an airplane, minerals in the soil, home appliances, and even sleeping next to someone. During the dental exposure process, you will be provided with a lead apron to wear for your protection and safety.

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