Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Everyone Needs Fluoride

Fluoride makes my teeth happy and healthy :)

Fluoride is the most important reason why there has been a decrease in dental cavities. Fluoride works by stopping or even reversing the tooth decay process. During tooth decay, bacteria are present because of sugars or carbohydrates which transforms into an acid.  During the demineralization process, a biofilm called “plaque” creates acid in the mouth which causes calcium to be removed from the tooth.  Fluoride has the ability to re-mineralize a tooth if it’s caught early enough because decay does not start off as a cavity but only has a white lesion. Fluoride is most ideal for patients with high caries risk, patients who have crown and bridge work and orthodontic decalcification.

However, there are many debates and concerns with using fluoride. Many people think that fluoride doesn’t belong in drinking water, but it actually occurs naturally in water and it’s rarely at the level needed to protect your teeth. Fluoride is not a medication but more so a mineral and when it’s presented at the right level, fluoride works to prevent tooth decay and contributes to healthy bones. Also, fluoride is not unsafe for small children; in fact, it is highly recommended and plays a critical part to promote strengthening of the teeth. Fluoride toothpaste is only not recommended for children under 2 because they swallow the most when brushing their teeth.

Fluoride gel or toothpaste at higher concentrations can only be purchased with a prescription or from a licensed dentist. Our Marietta Dentists, Kirk Kimmerling DDS, Suzanna Aguilera DMD, and Garrick McGrath DMD invite you to our office to learn more about the importance of fluoride toothpastes, please contact our office at 770-423-4900.