Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mexican Statue of Jesus Has Human Teeth

A 300 year old statue of Jesus found in Mexico strangely enough has real human teeth. The teeth were
found as a discovery when the statue was being restored. Although the practice seems strange to modern day people, apparently the 17th and 18th century practice of putting teeth into a statue made sense to them.

It was a tradition for human body parts to be donated to the church for religious purposes according to Fanny Unikel Santoncini, the discoverer and restorer of the teeth from the Escuela Nacional de Restauracion, Conservacion Y Museografic at the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia E Historia (INAH) in Mexico.  Many times, the statues used whole bones and teeth from animals.  Animal bones were carved into human teeth for statues.

Apparently, the people then were very religious and the donations were a common practice.   Apparently in Mexico there are other statues of the Virgin Mary and Saints with teeth as well.  Wigs were also donated to adorn statues.

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