Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vampire Teeth Not Just For Halloween Anymore

A strange new fad wearing vampire teeth has begun to hit professional dental offices across the country.  Mostly young teens and twenty somethings have begun to wear vampire teeth as a new fad.  People are surmising the hype is a side effect from the popular Twilight series.  Regardless of the cause, momentum is gaining.

Many of those donning the teeth are looking for quality only a professional dentist can provide. 

A handful of dentists have now been reported to make the fangs with dental veneers as a safe option to get the desired look.  The dentists are reported to charge about $200 a set.  The tooth veneers are cemented on with a safe glue, allowing the fangs to be removed without damaging existing tooth structure. It's like bonding on braces.

Goth scenes and modern day vampires are also expected to get in on the action.

Some say it's just as fad, as they look at it as an extension of rapper gold grills and Katy Perry's jewel adorned teeth.  Since some are grinding natural teeth to points, this is a better alternative damaging teeth for good.

The fad has been steadily growing, perhaps offering a safe alternative is an answer.