Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Science and Your Teeth Reveal Where You Grew Up

There's no hiding where you are from, as scientists can now take a look at our teeth to reveal where
we grew up, according to a new study written about by George Kamenov from the University of Florida and Brian Gulson, of Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

The discovery is about lead, an element that exists in four isotopic forms in the development of teeth.  As our tooth enamel develops, it creates a lead isotope composition distinct to the environment.  The amount of each isotope differs according to where it is found in the world's rocks, soil and ores, giving teeth specific isotope markers for geographic areas.  Four isotopes exist with slightly differing compositions in different parts of the world. 

Lead isotope profiles accumulate in a child's body from inhalation and contact with the soil.  Unlike bone that regenerates constantly, tooth enamel is set once developed.  This allows for a unique lead isotope profile with set information on location during enamel formation.

If you a a foreigner in a new land, your dental enamel is different from those around you.  We know have the ability to tell you from where a person came.

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