Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can a Sugar Be Good For Your Teeth?

Can sugar really be good for teeth? The answer to sugar good for teeth is Xylitol.  It is a sugar that is tooth friendly and beneficial to oral health.  It helps teeth remineralize before cavities form.

Turku University in Finland demonstrated the dental significance of Xylitol in the 1970's with their Turku sugar studies. The studies found that cavity causing bacteria prefers a six-carbon chained sugar as an energy source, not Xylitol, as it interferes with bacteria's cavity causing growth and reproduction.  The bacteria is starved, as it can not use Xylitol as an energy source.

Xylitol has no known toxicity in human beings, although it;'s a life-threatening toxin to dogs, it's safe for humans.

Xylitol is used by companies such as Trident(R) in sugar free chewing gum.  The gum does not allow harmful micro-organisms that damage teeth to flourish, as it creates an unsuitable environment.  Six grams of Xylitol is the recommended amount for efficacy in dental health.

+Kirk Kimmerling DDS would be happy to discuss Xylitol and questions on its use.