Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cracked Teeth by Your Local Marietta Dentist

If you have ever had difficulty chewing certain foods or experienced short lasting sudden spikes of pain in your teeth, you may be suffering from a cracked tooth. Characterized by a hairline vertical fracture along the tooth, cracked teeth are extremely difficult to diagnose due to their microscopic nature. In some cases, even dental X-rays fail to uncover the problem and can lead to more complicated problems in the future.

The sharp pain experienced in cracked teeth is usually due to the widening of the crack upon application of pressure. The pressure applied as a result of chewing or biting down widens the gap and exposes the root of the teeth, which is extremely sensitive to temperature changes and pressure. Failure to attend to the cracked tooth can eventually lead to deterioration of the root and require root canal therapy.

Causes for cracked teeth vary from chewing on hard objects or foods and clenching your teeth to trauma or even exposure to temperature extremes. Whatever the case, cracked teeth can be repaired by the application of bonding material to seal the crack. In more extreme cases, a crown may be necessary to stabilize the integrity of the tooth. Regularly scheduled dental check ups are the best method of ensuring cracked teeth are immediately identified and addressed.

Marietta dentist and emergency dentist, +Kirk Kimmerling DDS +Kirk Kimmerling DDS can help with cracked teeth in our Marietta dental office.