Monday, September 30, 2013

Junk Food and Your Teeth

Junk Food by a Marietta Dentist
Junk foods and high sugar content drinks have long been a weakness for many Americans, especially those in their teen years.  A recent study revealed teenage boys and girls drink a combined 140 gallons of soft drinks in an average year.  Such excessive intake of sugar and at such high frequencies can have serious damaging effects on teeth.  The high levels of sugar in conjunction with the bacteria in the mouth result in the formation of acid, which will immediately start to attack the enamel on teeth and can eventually lead to decay. 

It is important to note that not all sugar content is considered bad as some of the healthiest foods such as fruits and milk contain sugar.  A key to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy and balanced diet accompanied with high intakes of water.  Drinking optimally fluoridated water throughout the day can help rinse food particles from the mouth as well help build saliva, which will reduce acid build up.

Regularly scheduled visits to your Marietta Dentists along with proper oral hygiene can minimize damage caused by regular snacking.  Marietta cosmetic dentists have been trained to detect signs of damage early caused by high sugar diet and can treat the problem areas quickly and effe